I Threw Away $7.6 Million In Bitcoin Five years ago, I threw away a hard drive. An utterly generic 250GB portable hard drive, already a few years old, with a duo of dings and scrapes in its shell and with the beginnings of an audible click that would have eventually killed it. It had a […]

I Bought Bitcoin — Here’s What Happened I wouldn’t say that I bought into the hype. I would say that I did this more as a learning practice. I’ve received so many questions about how to buy, and where to buy, and even more about the legality of the process, so I figured what the […]

How to Slip Some Blockchain Exposure Into Your Portfolio Over the past year, there have been fortunes made with winning investments like bitcoin, ether and ripple. And yet many people don’t know how to buy a single bitcoin. If you are fresh to digital assets, you may find it a tap dance just to get […]

Secure Your Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet How to decently set up and secure a Blockchain.info wallet. Frequently Asked Questions Secure Your Bitcoin Wallet Once you have done that, go into your Account settings. On the left side of the page, under Account Information, you will see Private. Click on it, then inject an email address, an […]

How to Price a Digital Currency? Empirical Insights on the Influence of Media Coverage on the Bitcoin Bubble Digital currencies are gaining more and more attention against the backdrop of latest events triggered by the ongoing economic crisis. While digital currencies face enhancing popularity, the currencies’ prices are free floating and subject to high volatility […]

How To Mine Bitcoins Mining bitcoins – a process that helps manage bitcoin transactions as well as create fresh “wealth” – is the fresh Beanie Babies. Fortunately for us, however, bitcoins seem to be going up in value and should maintain their value over time, unlike your mint condition Lil’ the wedged Chihuahua.

How to invest in Bitcoin decently. Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies People keep asking me how to decently invest into the crypto-economy. What do I need to know? How not to lose money? How should I choose the right cryptocurrency for my portfolio, which will skyrocket in the future? In this guide you will find an […]

How to buy bitcoin in the UK: Turn your cash into crytpocurrency in 2017 Since the beginning of 2017, the price of bitcoin has enhanced by a large, 81%. According to a report by CNBC, it’s partly down to the confidence in blockchain, the tech behind the currency, as well as the fact Japan recently […]

How to buy and sell bitcoins using Paypal Cash Poker Pro: Anonymous, Secure Online Poker [ICO crowdsale] – August 28, 2017 Iconomi: The Easiest Way to Invest in Cryptocurrency? – August Two, 2017 CoinLend: Earn Interest on CryptoCurrency (& USD) with this Fee Free Lending Bot – July Ten, 2017 Many people want to buy […]

How to Buy & Sell Bitcoins & Ethereum with your Credit Card / Bank Card There are a number of options on the market already called prepaid bitcoin debit cards — but they have fees when you withdraw from an ATM or use you card in a shop. CEX.io has no fees as you are […]