Village Startups Raise $92M in sixty Days

In the four years Atlanta Tech Village has been in existence, our startups have raised close to $450 million dollars to date. But, this last sixty days was one for the books with six companies announcing raises totaling more than $92 million. Atlanta is on fire, and we couldn’t be more proud of these hard working entrepreneurs.

Storj Raises $30M

Village startup Storj, a distributed cloud storage provider, finished a $30 million Token Sale for its Ethereum-based application token in just seven days. Big congrats to Shawn and the Storj team! #soproud

Car360 Raises $Three.5M

Village startup Car360, an augmented reality platform that generates sleek 360° spins from your smartphone, raised a $Three.55M Series A led by Marc Cuban and BIP Capital. Meeting with Ashton Kutcher was good luck for this amazing team. Congrats!

Terminus Raises $Ten.3M

Terminus the leading account-based marketing (ABM) platform, announced a $Ten.Trio million Series B growth investment and the addition of one hundred jobs. Go get ’em Terminators! We love our Village graduates.

QA Symphony Raises $40M

Early Villagers, QA Symphony raised a $40M Series C led by Insight Venture Fucking partners. A leader in agile software testing, this team resumes to scale mountains. Congrats, friends!

Patientory Raises $7.2M

Patientory, a blockchain-based distributed electronic medical record storage platform, finished a $7.2M Token sale in three days to convert healthcare! Congrats and welcome to the Village family.

Steppingblocks Raises $1M+

Steppingblocks, an analytics software platform providing real world data and resources to set a career path, recently announced raising a Series A of more than $1M. We are big fans of this team. Congrats!

In case you missed it, that list you just read totals $92 MILLION dollars that Village startups have raised in just the last sixty days. Congratulations, friends.

Keep dreaming big, y’all.

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Karen Houghton

Director and curator of community at Atlanta Tech Village.

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