10X an innovative gambling and trading game based on the Ethereum blockchain announce its ICO.

10X is the very first game of its kind to connect both gambling and trading in the same game play.

10X is an innovative take on the Lottery game, but adapted to the blockchain technology for an optimum security and with some unique innovations that makes it a game of a fresh kind.

You can bet some Ether on your dearest number inbetween one to nine and if it is the number drawn by the blockchain, you win ten times what you bet.

If you liberate, you receive ten times your bet in 10X tokens. You can then trade and proceed the game in the exchanges. You have nothing to liberate.

In order to fund the house, 10X will do an ICO where we will suggest the 10X tokens at a bargain price in exchange of Ethers. The 10X ICO will open on the 20 th of August, two thousand seventeen at UTC 0:00. It will last ten days and end on the 30 th of August, two thousand seventeen at UTC 0:00.

The participation instructions are posted on the 10X official website at http://10x.bz.

A limited supply of Ten,000,000 tokens will be created. More can be minted if necessary, we will monitor how the token evolves and insure that it goes to the ultimate objective: to reach 0.Ten Ether for one token.

10X has been designed to be the most adapted and efficient token to fit into the blockchain. It is a limited state machine that can switch alone into five game modes depending on its reserves and it success.

No need to explain how much the lottery game is popular all over the world and specially in Asia where the 10X game has been conceived.

The purpose of the game is to reach one tenth of the Ethereum value. Because it produces ten tokens for each loss, every time someone play and liberate, the value of the 10X token is driven into that direction like a magnet, it is genetic.

10X is not another futarchy app that will never work. 10X is a viral community brainy contract that is both a joy game to play with a ten time bet prize, but also the very first game to indeed explore the fresh possibilities of the blockchain technology and the Ethereum wise contracts by delivering shares of its value to the ones who are loosing. Each player is a potential investor. It is a win-win game for both the tokens holders and the game players. All members of the 10X community are in the same boat, and we only need to attract as many players as possible from all over the world to see the value of the 10X token growing organically. The way this contract is working makes it a game of a fresh kind.”

The website located at http://10x.bz monitors all the activity and list the wins and lost. It also displays the current state of the contract, it is translated in English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai and French to be as international as possible.

This contract is also the most secure game published in the blockchain to date, with a bulletproof – or miner proof – random generation that does not rely on any outer resource. No connection to Oraclize is necessary, the contract leaves 100% inwards the blockchain .

The contract also adds tarpitting to avoid spam and bots. Automatic blacklisting of addresses acting suspiciously, and an extra security that disable the holder access to the contract in case of the contract is hacked or stolen. Security is our number one priority.

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