bettingmarket Blockchain will disrupt the traditional betting market, in a way that Betfair promised to, but failed. The early pioneers in the space are companies such as Peerplay (Bookie), Predictious, FairlayDev, BetMoose, Gnosis, Augur, Truthcoin and Bitcoin Hivemind. Most of these companies will not get through longer than two to three years, but they will […]

Blockchain’s future in oil and gas: Transformative or transient? ​Important advances in technology infrequently come with a total embrace at the commence. Ground-breaking ideas can yield as many doubters as disciples. It takes time, practice, growth, and eventual acceptance to turn an idea into reality.

Blockchain IoT protocol initiative launched The group agreed that security, trust, identity, and registration and verification would be the cornerstones of any common protocol A group of start-ups and Fortune five hundred technology companies have gathered in a bid to define a blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT) protocol.

Blockchain Developer Freshly formed Emerging Business & Technology (EBT) team within Investment Services Technology function is looking to pack Blockchain Technology Accomplished role. EBT has a global cross-functional mandate to investigate business disruptive emerging technologies, define adequate strategies to maximise on introduced opportunities whilst mitigating threats, and execute those strategies using a franchise network.

Blockchain Apps: Moving from the Jungle to the Zoo In a previous article, I made the somewhat exaggerated, but audacious statement that the advent of blockchain technology would prompt developers to rewrite just about everything in favor of blockchain-based architectures. The reality is that decentralized apps are not for everything, and not everything fits a […]

Blockchain applications and two factor authentication Blockchain will empower the future of insurance How blockchain technology will switch auditing and accounting for good The past year numerous applications and business models have been developed on top of blockchain technology. One of the recurring challenges is securing the private key of the participants.

Blockchain and the future of the software engineer Published on February 8, two thousand seventeen / Updated on May 31, 2017 Share this: Blockchain has permeated the headlines for fairly some time now. Perhaps you’re familiar with it only peripherally. Perhaps you’ve dipped your toes in the technology and pondered it as a viable solution.

Blog & News Integrity and the history of data security From a systems perspective, security has historically been classified into three distinct tenets – confidentiality, integrity and availability (‘CIA’). Ask security professionals to describe these components and you will receive a uniform response for confidentiality and availability, however integrity (what it means and how to […]

Paxos Engineering Blog Getting into blockchain development can be pretty intimidating. There’s a entire host of weird terms that are thrown around like “coinbase” and “merkle root” that not only look odd, but are not visible. Add to that extra terms that look normal, but mean something specific to blockchain like “transaction”, “block” and “signature”.

Block Parsers: How to Read the Bitcoin Block Chain A Block Parser reads the Bitcoin block chain. There is no encryption of the data stored in the block chain. Bitcoin is a pseudonymous system. Meaning, ECDSA key pairs are used to abstract the identity of users. However, the binary data in the block chain can […]