JPMorgan leaves R3 blockchain consortium JPMorgan has left the mammoth bank blockchain consortium led by start-up R3 CEV, the latest member to depart over the course of the company’s fundraising process. R3, which counts about eighty financial institutions as members, wants to raise US$150 million from its members and strategic investors and give them a […]

JPMorgan Pursue & Co leaves blockchain consortium R3 R3, which counts about eighty financial institutions as members, wants to raise $150 million from its members and strategic investors and give them a sixty percent stake in R3. “JPMorgan parted ways with R3 to pursue a very distinct technology path which is at odds with the […]

Is Blockchain Coming to Manufacturing? Chances are you’ve been hearing the term blockchain fairly a bit over the past year or so. In a latest Automation World article exploring ways to strengthen supply chain operations, senior editor Stephanie Neil explained blockchain technology as being “an unalterable peer-to-peer recordkeeping system that enables communities to securely record […]

blockchain vs database Signed commitments with immutable history are all that’s required for proof of integrity. Moreover, assuming commitments are immutable (transactions can only be reversed by adding a fresh commitment that reverses the deeds of the previous commitment), you only need to keep track of the most latest commitment.

Introducing cloud storage in the blockchain with Sia and Nextcloud Sia is a blockchain-based, decentralized cloud storage technology. Think Bitcoin for your data, providing an encrypted, distributed and affordable storage. Sia developed a Nextcloud outward storage app providing its redundant and secure data store to Nextcloud users.

Welcome, Blockchain developers! These are contraptions for blockchain developers. The instruction line implements will permit you to connect your server to or run your application on the Ethereum blockchain – or your own private blockchain. Clients For security purposes, three independent implementations were created for Ethereum.

blockchain investment This article highlights findings from CoinDesk Research’s fresh Q1 two thousand seventeen State of Blockchain report, expanding on ICO and VC investment in Q2. Click here to download the glides as a PDF. For the very first time in the technology’s brief history, blockchain entrepreneurs are now raising more money through initial coin […]

What can blockchain do for you? Blockchain can help radically improve industries, beginning with banking and insurance. However the opportunities for blockchain go far beyond this. We predict that this technology will be used to create wise(er), more efficient systems for supply chains, Internet of Things networks, gaming, multi-media rights management, car rental, Government proof […]

Participate in our survey of our Organization The emerging field of blockchain technology has a skill squeeze problem. The technical know how is not readily available to serve the enhancing client-base needs. The organisation will create a single point of contact to serve the client’s needs. Independent consultants love many liberties.

Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Ready for Prime Time The open source blockchain project Hyperledger Fabric has reached the 1.0 milestone and is ready for production use. It's been well over a year since the Linux Foundation very first announced the Hyperledger Project, but it emerges that Hyperledger Fabric, the meat and bones of the project, has […]