blockchain yelp Multinational corporations are incapable to share application data, like KYC data, sitting on various applications within their many legal entities due to diverse jurisdictional data requirements. Ohalo faciltates sharing and protects companies by proving that all jurisdictional data sharing requirements were met and maintained in any data sharing arrangement.

blockchain for ehealth Mar Trio, two thousand sixteen at 21:40 UTC by Daniel Palmer Data security startup Guardtime has announced a partnership with the Estonian eHealth Foundation that will see it deploy a blockchain-based system to secure over one million patient healthcare records. Under the deal, the foundation will integrate Guardtime’s keyless signature infrastructure (KSI) […]

blockchain app Jul 28, two thousand fourteen at 14:30 UTC by Daniel Palmer UPDATE (30th July 11:44 BST): Users have reported a bug in the denomination functionality on Blockchain’s iOS app whereby orders are being billed in ‘bits ’ – also known as ‘uBTC’ – rather than ‘BTC’. For example, a user buying an item […]

Blockchain jobs My latest searches Budget Languages Hi There! I have a dapp presently working with metamask, and I want to get rid of metamask so I need a geth accepting RPC calls from a particular domain, I am using [url liquidated, login to view] for abstracting the RPC. It would be cool if someone […]

Blockchain Game Changer, Part Two: Adapting the Technology of Blockchain In Part one of our series on blockchain, our Technology team examined what blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are and how they work. In this Part Two, we analyse how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are set to rapidly switch certain industries and consider some […]

Blockchain as a TRUST enabler. Content Copyright © two thousand seventeen Bloor . All Rights Reserved. One of my takeaways from IBM Interconnect two thousand seventeen is that IBM is taking Blockchain, as a business technology, very gravely. Is it a mature technology yet? No, but “standards-based” (if you see an Open Source Software, OSS, […]

Blockchain Application: A well encrypted key to the future of innovation W hen it comes to blockchain technology — a chunk of cryptography that manages the transaction of any digital asset — inspired minds are kicking off to crack the code and expose the endless possibilities for how it can be applied.

Blockchain and the sharing economy Two.0 The real potential of blockchain for developers Published on May 12, 2016 We are at the beginning of the blockchain technology cycle. Bitcoin was the very first and most notable application of the blockchain, but it’s only the beginning. We now have a technology that can provide trust in […]

blockchain 2017 from one September to thirty one October 2017 Entrance for two days Lunch Snacks and refreshments Access to exhibitions Access to cocktail and networking event on eight March 2018 Buy Ticket R one thousand seven hundred fifty $ Startup Ticket from one September (Limited tickets) Entrance for two days Lunch Snacks and refreshments […]

1. Blockchain – How this technology could revolutionize finance Part one – What is Blockchain and how is it evolving? At a latest roundtable in Geneva, Patrick Maes of Credit Suisse considered that Blockchain could be the most significant innovation in banking since the beginning of money. Chances are that if you have heard about […]