Goldman Sachs wants to put foreign exchange trades on the blockchain Share Trading currencies is costly and slow for traders at major financial institutions—transactions need to go through a bunch of middle studs, each of which take a slight fee. A fresh patent application from Goldman Sachs hints at how the blockchain technology that is […]

Five Standout Start-Ups Focused Upon Blockchain Trade Finance In Trade Finance there’s a lot of activity. As mentioned yesterday, you have HSBC and Bank of America working with HyperLedger; R3 trialling with fifteen banks based upon Corda; Ripple working with Standard Chartered and DBS; and JPMorgan have been developing a trade finance trial with Digital […]

blockchain lab Sitting conveniently inbetween the Fresh York Federal Reserve bank’s 500,000 bars of gold and Wall Street you will now find consulting rigid Deloitte’s freshly launched blockchain laboratory. Measuring approximately Trio,000 square feet, the latest in a planned series of such locations now offers a one-stop shop for the increasingly crowded field of companies […]

European banks risk lagging Wall Street in blockchain race LONDON (Reuters) – The blockchain technology behind bitcoin was designed to do away with banks. In an ironic switch roles, investment banks are now racing to make it work for them – but cash-strapped European players risk falling behind their Wall Street rivals.

Dubai Set to Achieve Purpose of Becoming Very first Blockchain Government by 2020 Dubai is quickly achieving its objective of becoming the world’s very first blockchain-powered government to utilize the technology for all transactions by 2020. Speaking at the recently held CIOMajlis (Chief Information Officer’s) session on ‘Blockchain Technology,’ Ahmad Al Mulla, chairman of CIOMajlis, […]

Don’t know what’s Blockchain technology? Let us explain Last year, ICICI Bank announced that it successfully executed transactions in international trade finance and remittances using blockchain technology in partnership with a Dubai based bank Emirates NBD. In 2008, a cryptographer who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto created a crypto-currency called bitcoin.

blockchain conference 1 DAY OF WORKSHOPS We’re planning an amazing three days of presentations, panel discussions, workshops and networking events HOSTED IN BEAUTIFUL Fresh ZEALAND It will be taking place at the ANZ Viaduct Event Centre in the heart of Auckland in Fresh Zealand (one of the most beautiful countries in the world)

Concerns About The Blockchain Technology The so-called (and marketing-branded) “blockchain technology” is promised to revolutionize every industry. Anything, they say, will become decentralized, free from middle guys or government control. Services will thrive on various installments of the blockchain, and wise contracts will automatically enforce any logic that is related to the particular domain.

Category Blockchain Coinbase Security with Philip Martin Play in fresh window | Download At Coinbase, security is more significant than anything else. Coinbase is a company that permits for storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies. Protecting banking infrastructure is difficult, but in some ways the stakes are higher with Coinbase, because bitcoin is fundamentally unregulated.