Why a 51% Attack is Not What Most Bitcoin Users Think It Is The one weakness that most people hear about when it comes to Bitcoin is the 51% attack . This is a possible attack vector that can emerge when one entity has control over a large percentage of the overall network hashrate . […]

blockchain nonce Get via App Store Read this post in our app! When a block is "discovered" how is the nonce determined? I know that a block is based on a random number called a nonce, but if that number is random and unknown to the miner, how is that number actually verified as the […]

Village Startups Raise $92M in sixty Days In the four years Atlanta Tech Village has been in existence, our startups have raised close to $450 million dollars to date. But, this last sixty days was one for the books with six companies announcing raises totaling more than $92 million. Atlanta is on fire, and we […]

Universities add blockchain to course list The market for recruiting blockchain engineers has been described as “red hot”. But where can aspiring software coders find training about the intricacies of this technology? There has been a surprising dearth of courses available in this nascent but fast-growing field.

Traders Are Flooding Morgan Stanley With Calls To Explain Why Bitcoin Is Soaring Very first it was Goldman giving way to hedge funds and “due to popular request” providing its very first ever “technical” take on where Bitcoin will go from here. Now it’s Morgan Stanley’s turn. In a report on the “Blockchain, Unchained” – […]

To tame the brute of counterfeit, let’s summon the weapon of NFC, AI or blockchain It is said the global counterfeit industry is a USD460 billion business. And unnecessary to say, China is often the epicenter of this lucrative yet illegal trade. But swings of technology have always been developing rapidly, hoping to bring the […]

Join Blockchain Meetup Berlin Get invited to our Meetups as soon as they’re scheduled. The Internet of Blockchain: Cosmos & Polkadot Brian Fabian C. Organizer Marc B. (+1) Antoine H. Prince D. Dietlind D. Maximus R. (+1) Sylvain B. Luca G. Jacob Explosion More With blockchain technology rapidly gaining adoption for enterprise applications and public […]

The Black Liszt Demon’s Dictionary for 21st Century Computing Trio More cynical definitions in the series introduced here, for Deep Learning and Blockchain. A duo definitions from his book: Mr. Kelly-Bootle sometimes provided extended explanations of the words he defined: Sometimes he even needed illustrations.

Ten Good Books on Bitcoin Just a few years ago bitcoin was a seen as a renegade virtual currency, considered by many to be used only by criminals and outlaws. Much like the Internet at its beginnings, investors and businesses didn’t eyed value in the technology and were miss leaded by its darker associations.

Sponsoring the W3C Blockchains and the Web Workshop 29–30 June 2016, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts Blockchains and distributed ledgers have captured the imagination of innovators across many industries and government, opening up fresh capabilities for payments, wise contracts, identity, deeds, patents, correspondance, and anything a user might want to have as a verifiable claim […]