Bitcoin passa de inimigo a tecnologia cobiçada por Rennan Setti RIO – O bitcoin nasceu como uma moeda virtual libertária, com a promessa de subverter o sistema financeiro global. Sete anos depois, a invenção segue sendo uma curiosidade obscura, enquanto instituições financeiras, empresas de pagamento e bancos centrais — isto é, os “inimigos” originais do […]

Bitcoin Developers Adding $0.007 Minimum Transaction Output Size 1. This is NOT a switch to the Bitcoin protocol, it is a switch to default transaction inclusion and propagation rules. If you can get your transaction to a miner willing to arch these rules, you will get included in the blockchain (albeit it will be inconvenient […]

Beyond Bitcoin What is bitcoin, what does it leave behind, and what are the possibilities? Commencing from Bitcoin.. We may be at the dawn of a fresh revolution. This revolution commenced with a fresh fringe economy on the Internet: an alternative currency called Bitcoin (Swan 2015). Bitcoin is a system designed to create a truly […]

Analysis of the DAO exploit This post will be the very first in what is potentially a series, deconstructing and explaining what went wrong at the technical level while providing a timeline tracing the deeds of the attacker back through the blockchain. This very first post will concentrate on how exactly the attacker stole all […]

eight blockchain healthcare startups to know Here are eight latest healthcare startups using blockchain, a data structure that maintains and secures information. It creates a log of events that are unchangeable, which preserves data integrity and security as data moves to different touchpoints. Blockchain has roots in the bitcoin phenomenon but now tech start-ups, including […]

Trio ways blockchain technology will switch how we game The global gaming market has been growing by double-digits in latest years, hitting $91 billion in revenues last year. SuperData Research called it the “largest year in the digital games market and playable media world ever.” While the fattest growth has come from segments like mobile […]

two thousand seventeen Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison – Who’s the Best Miner? Becoming a major Bitcoin miner in two thousand sixteen is a bit like setting up a shoe factory; only profitable if you’re able to challenge with the Chinese. Specifically, you’ll need cheaper electrical play and better access to the latest mining hardware.

200 Lines Of Code Will Disrupt This Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry To paraphrase that excellent scene from Airplane, it looks like I picked the wrong week to unplug from the Internet. Aside from a few hours when we docked in Honduras last week, I was on a self-imposed Internet exile and went several days devoid of […]